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Why "Alinea"?
Because it means the same thing as "pilcrow", and sounds sort of feminine, in a vaguely Shakespearean way.

Why "Pilcrow"?
Why not?

Why "Pilcrowe"?
Because I read too much Lucy Maud Montgomery.

I'm a blonde girl with specs. Currently, I'm working as a customer service assistant. I enjoy staying up late and sleeping in (i.e. I'm a night owl). Also, I lurk a lot in various fandoms (mostly Bleach, HikaGo and Ouran, although I like FMA, Toradora and Claymore a lot too). I've been following LJ since 2004. I started with Harry Potter and Good Omens, then I moved on to anime.

Interests (28):

adventure games, anime, apples, bloviation, camembert, comedy, comfort food, cute and fuzzy things, delayed circadian rhythm syndrome, fanart, fanfiction, foo fighters, graphic art, graphomania, herbal tea, jeans, lifelong learning, logorrhea, manga, mediocrity, minerals, mouse potatoes, pomobabble, practical handbags, prolixity, psychology, taking photos, weird words
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