Copying this from my LJ because I'm a lazy ass.

I was on a business trip, but it didn't feel like one at all. My hotel was located in Almere, a very modern little town near Amsterdam. Most people who live in Almere work in Amsterdam, so the town is really peaceful and quiet most of the time. Shops close at 18.00 and after that, it's like being the only person alive in a ghost city.

The hotel had a view over Lake Weerwater. I was very surprised to see a fountain in the middle of the lake.

On the second day of my trip, I visited a small village called Muiden. I saw a beautiful harbor and some nice old buildings. The whole place looked very different from Almere.

Finally, I went to Amsterdam. It was awfully crowded when I arrived. In front of Amsterdam Central Station, there were at least 16 tram lines crossing each other.

Luckily, a storm soon made most of the tourists seek shelter inside the various cafes and coffe shops ;) of the old city, so I was free to roam the streets (in the horrible cold wind and rain). The streets themselves are mostly narrow pathways running along the canals. There are just as many canals in Amsterdam as in Venice.

The ugly brown mess covering the surface of the canal is actually lots of dried cherry blossoms. There are cherry trees everywhere. It's a pity I was too late to see them in full bloom.

I've almost forgotten the bikes. There are much, much more bikes in Amsterdam than cherry trees. Maybe there are more bikes than people. Really. They can come in any size and shape. I especially liked these two:

And of course, I walked through the famous red light district.

I also had an encounter with surrealist art. Actually, it was a window display of a haberdasher's shop. It was... interesting.

That's all for now.
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