Hi world.

Rain is beating against the kitchen window, and it's kind of loud, but not in an annoying way. The window of my room, however, is sheltered from the rain, so it's quiet here and feels a bit lonely.

Mom's foot is getting better. She will have to wear a cast for 3 more weeks. She's back at work but she needs some assistance because she still can't move about the way she used to. Trivial things like getting a glass of water or retrieving her handbag from the wardrobe cause her a lot of problems.

I still help her out as much as I can. I've also resumed my duties as a service assistant, so I usually get very tired at the end of the day. I'm planning to take a few days off after Mom's cast is removed. I'll make it a nice long weekend - from Thursday to Tuesday, if possible :P

Today, the entire Small Machinery Division (including me) did a field trip to the local Firefighters' Festival. It was kind of like any other festival, except there was an agility course for firefighter teams.

At first I grumbled about having to get up early on a Saturday, then I realized it wasn't bad at all. I could actually get used to getting up early on weekends. If I didn't have to go to work, I could have gotten lots of things done. I'll try getting up early tomorrow, too. Maybe that way I'll be able to make my Sunday a little bit brighter.

The festival itself wasn't bad either, just a bit long and sometimes a bit boring. And there were only 6 mobile toilets for 800 people. (The horror, the horror, the horror.)

Oh, and I met an all-female volunteer firefighter team at the festival. They call themselves The Amazons :) More precisely, one of the regional volunteer firefighter teams has got two branches, one male, one female, and the latter are the so-called Amazons. And when it was their turn, the guys from the male team did a shirtless cheerleading dance for them. It was hilarious and touching at the same time.

And now, plagiarizing Monty Python's Flying Circus, it's time for something completely different. In the past few months, I've been trying to broaden my cultural horizons by watching episodes from anime series other than Bleach:

Genshiken (complete series) - my new favorite. Ogiue is love, and Madarame is the ultimate uke. ;)

Reborn (first twenty or so episodes) - funny, but I got tired of the characters' antics rather quickly. Lambo in particular irks me. I need to take a break from the series to be able to watch it again.

Rideback (first nine or ten episodes) - good, but I can't really see enough character development in Rin to make her a believable protagonist. I usually like shorter series, but Ride back could have made a few more episodes to explore her personality.

07-Ghost (eps 01-04) - I've given up on it. It's my fault, though, because my shounen-trained brain simply can't keep up with the plot.
And I've got a huge pet peeve about Teito. I mean, look at those manacles. How many more episodes is he going to spend in them? Someone please get him a pair of lineman pliers already.

Aria the Animation (eps 01-05) - the best kind of eye and brain candy. Light and fluffy escapism taken to the next level.

Hetalia: Axis Powers (eps 01-05) - hehehehehe. Will keep watching it. Ulquiorra's VA as Italy is pure comedic gold.

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (eps 01-04) - Episodes 1 to 3 were okay. Then there was episode 4. I understand it was made by some underground guest artist, and that it caused quite an uproar when it originally aired, and divided the fanbase. As for me, the animation quality made it hard for me to enjoy that episode. I'll probably start watching TTGL again after I recovered.

Baccano - I've only covered the first episode so far, and can't make sense of the story yet, but the look and feel of this anime is just what I've been looking for. I'll definitely watch all episodes.
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